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Welcome to Leading With Empathy & Allyship

Join us each week for deep, real conversations about how we can all lead the change in our workplaces and communities. In intimate conversations with advocates, activists, and allies, host Melinda Briana Epler provides a safe space to learn, build empathy for each other, and understand tangible actions we can all take to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

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About the Host

Melinda Briana Epler


As CEO of Empovia, Melinda is a strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion advisor for executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and activists around the world. Melinda is the author of How to Be an Ally (McGraw-Hill), a TED speaker, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a former marketing and culture executive who speaks and writes about diversity, inclusion, empathy, and allyship.

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Christina Swindlehurst Chan

Podcast Co-Producer

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Podcast Co-Producer