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How To Advance Pay Equity & Reduce The Pay Gap With Sharawn Connors

In this episode, Change Catalyst Founder & CEO Melinda Briana Epler discusses “How To Advance Pay Equity & Reduce the Pay Gap” with Sharawn Connors, VP of Diversity Equality & Inclusion at Micron Technology.

You’ll learn:

  • What “pay gap” and “pay equity” really mean
  • How you can prepare for negotiating a salary
  • The research you should do before talking numbers with a prospective employer
  • How to know your professional worth
  • How your company can improve the pay gap and pay equity, and the data and processes to consider implementing to reduce the pay gap across your organization in order to reach pay equity

Our Leading With Empathy & Allship host Melinda Briana Epler is a TED speaker, author of the upcoming book How to Be an Ally (McGraw Hill 2021), and Founder and CEO of Change Catalyst. She works with leaders to build empathy and inclusive leadership skills, and develop diverse, equitable, and inclusive companies.

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This episode of Leading With Empathy & Allyship is sponsored by AppDynamics – builders of the world’s only full-stack Business Observability platform. Join their team to help businesses thrive by turning performance into profit. Learn more at www.appdynamics.com/company/careers And by Interpreter-Now – providing high quality ASL interpreters.

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When we look at the pay gap, we know that a lot of time the majority group is paid more because of the positions that they are in. They are more likely to be VP and higher and even manager. Our broken rung starts to happen at the manager level. How do we impact that? One way is through hiring but another way is through growing and retaining the talent we have and paying people fairly helps us to do that.
Headshot of Sharawn Connors, a Black woman with medium auburn hair, orange blouse, and black jacket.
Guest Speaker

Sharawn Connors

VP, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at Micron Technology

Micron’s Vice President of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Sharawn Connors leads the DEI function within Human Resources that touches all aspects of the business, particularly attracting and supporting a diverse and talented workforce around the globe. Passionate about education and coaching, Connors is also an adjunct professor at San Jose State University and a mentor to first-generation and underrepresented college students.

Learn more about the host and creator of Leading With Empathy & Allyship, Melinda Briana Epler.