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Leadership Coaching & Advising

Personalized guidance to support your own learning journey

Whether you are an executive looking to improve leadership skills or a DEI lead who wants to catalyze behavioral and organizational change, our coaching packages are built to support your specific needs and provide actionable tools to help you on your journey. Our coaches have deep experience working one-on-one with executives and DEI leads. We cater our sessions to each leader’s unique leadership journey, providing guidance and actionable steps to immediately put into practice.

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Individual Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Our coaching clients are leaders who want to move through their fears of saying the wrong thing, build understanding and empathy, and know how to better lead diverse and inclusive teams and organizations. We also work with leaders who may have made a misstep and want to ensure they don’t make another. Everyone is on a unique learning path. We meet each person where they are at and provide guidance and actionable steps to immediately put into practice that are uniquely catered to their leadership journey.

DEI & ERG Lead Advising

DEI leaders and committees come to us looking to build strategies across global teams that develop empathy, cultivate allyship, reduce acts of exclusion, and foster psychological safety and belonging. If you’re newly established as a committe or just starting out in your DEI career, you might work with our advisors on understanding best practices, conducting assessments and data analysis, developing strategies, influencing leaders, creating committee charters and roles, and setting measurable and achievable short- and long-term goals. We also advise ERGs wanting to develop allyship programs and expand their programming to drive organizational change.

Group Coaching

Group inclusive leadership coaching is available as a standalone option or as part of our training packages.

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