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Research, Toolkits, and Projects for Our Community

We Are Changemakers and Community Builders

Our Empovia team is regularly working to share our knowledge and experience with our community so that together, we can create inclusive and sustainable organizations. We’ve developed a collection of actionable tools, research, and projects to help you learn and create change.

Take advantage of our solutions and share them with your teams, communities, colleagues, and leaders today!

The State of Allyship Report:

The Key to Workplace Inclusion

Empovia has been researching and facilitating learning about allyship for many years. Informed by our extensive expertise in educational programming, coaching, and advising, we developed a methodology for studying the impact and drivers of workplace allyship to help everyone cultivate allyship in their organizations.

This report is made for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of:

  • What people want and need from allies.
  • Why allyship is vital for business.
  • How people become better allies in our workplaces.

How to Be an Ally:

Actions You Can Take for a Stronger, Happier Workplace

In her practical and timely new book, How to Be an Ally: Actions You Can Take for a Stronger, Happier Workplace, diversity and inclusion expert and CEO of Empovia Melinda Briana Epler offers an actionable playbook for what we can do as allies to ensure everyone feels safe, valued, and able to thrive in the workplace.

Packed full of stories, exercises, and  insights, Melinda takes us through 7 steps of allyship to help us all become more inclusive leaders and colleagues:

  1. Learn, unlearn, relearn
  2. Do no harm—understand and correct our biases
  3. Recognize and overcome microaggressions
  4. Advocate for people
  5. Stand up for what’s right
  6. Lead the change
  7. Transform your organization, industry, and society
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Empovia Toolkits

Our free toolkits are full of industry knowledge and straightforward checklists designed to empower you in creating change. These helpful getting-started guides are developed with support from our partners to support you in creating safe spaces and building inclusive cultures from the ground up.

Discover Our Toolkits Created With Our Partners

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Creative Inclusive Tech Hubs (Part 1-6)

Image of a diverse audience in rows of seats looking at a stage

Inclusive Event Toolkit

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Toolkit for Startups: Recruiting Diverse Talent

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pink cover for the launchvic toolkits with "Toolkit for Startups, Creating Inclusive Events" in white text

Toolkit for Startups: Creating Inclusive Events

Icon Project

The Icon Project is an Empovia solution creating wellness and leadership development opportunities in the lives of Black and Brown Men in tech.

We offer programs and resources that include:

  • Community network
  • Virtual summits
  • Coaching opportunities

Learn More About The Icon Project

Tech Inclusion

Where Our Story Began

In 2015, Empovia (formerly Change Catalyst) launched the Tech Inclusion Conference to address the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. It sold out, and the long-lasting impact of that event on the industry motivated the team to expand. For six years, our team brought Tech Inclusion events to more than 28,000 attendees around the world. From San Francisco to Nashville and Melbourne to London, together, we built a movement to drive real social change in the tech industry.

When the pandemic put a stop to in-person events, Empovia began to focus solely on our customized learning and development solutions. While we have moved on from organizing in-person events, our community connection and  impact continues through our podcasts, virtual learning sessions, and client events. The change we made together through Tech Inclusion remains, and continues to inform how we support our diverse clients across various industries in our work today.

Learn more about the Tech Inclusion legacy.