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Powerful interactive keynotes, offsite workshops, and leadership events that motivate change

Our Empovia team members have appeared on hundreds of stages and thousands of screens globally as experts in empathy, allyship, social justice, and sustainability. We’d love to partner with you for your virtual and in-person all-hands events, executive and leadership trainings, team off-sites, industry conferences, and ERG events.

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Our Most Popular Speaking Topics

Our keynotes are interactive and designed to move people from awareness to action through interactive, engaging storytelling. In each keynote, your audience will learn actionable steps they can take in their workplaces. Our most popular keynotes include:

  • How to Be an Ally
  • Leading With Empathy
  • Deepening Allyship Actions Through Microaffirmations
  • Recognizing & Interrupting Microaggressions
  • Understanding & Correcting Biases
  • Activating Allies
  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader
  • How to Be an Ally for specific groups (women, LGBTQIA+ folks, Black people, people with disabilities, and more)

Looking for a Specific Topic?

Most of our training topics are also available as keynotes. We’re also happy to create a custom keynote that addresses your specific goals.

Our team is also available for events during Women’s History Month, PRIDE, Black History Month, Disability Awareness Month, and other events developed to drive awareness, empathy, and action for people with underrepresented and marginalized identities.

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