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Expanding Anti-Racist Allyship With Sonja Gittens Ottley

In this episode, Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, and Sonja Gittens Ottley, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana, talk about “Expanding Anti-Racist Allyship.” You’ll learn about anti-racism, strategies to expand our anti-racist allyship to address intersectionality and many forms of racism, and how this can help you can level up DEI efforts in your workplace.

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It is often easy to start to think about in terms of the communities you are most adjacent to. For me, it was around immigrants – but then it started to expand…. I would step back and say you always have to be learning, to be challenging yourself on what are you missing, what are you assuming that you’re aware of, right? And how is that showing up?
Headshot of Sonja Gittens Ottley, a Black woman with black hair, glasses, and a green shirt.
Guest Speaker

Sonja Gittens Ottley

Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana

Sonja Gittens Ottley is the Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana, where she’s responsible for crafting the company’s strategies for recruiting employees from underrepresented groups and creating an inclusive environment that allows people to thrive. Prior to her roles in diversity and inclusion at Asana and at Facebook, Sonja was global policy counsel for Yahoo’s Business & Human Rights Program. She is a native of Trinidad & Tobago.

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