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Designing For Intersectional Inclusion With Frieda McAlear

In this episode, Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, and Frieda McAlear, Senior Research Associate at the Kapor Center, talk about “Designing For Intersectional Inclusion.” Frieda described what we can do to redress the lack of Native American representation in Computer Science while applying an intersectional lens. She’ll also share principles we can use in our workplaces and communities to improve inclusion.

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Programs Supporting Native American & Indigenous People in Tech

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The land acknowledgment process can begin a transformative process for people to be able to, first of all, acknowledge the histories that have happened on these territories. These histories, as I said, involve colonization and genocide of Native and Indigenous people here, but they also involve human trafficking and the bringing of other Indigenous people here. And imperialism has had people coming for use of resources here. There are multiple ways imperialism has created this. Start with the people’s land you are on is a way to ground the process of learning about and the erasure of Indigenous people in the world.
Headshot of Frieda McAlear, an Indigenous woman with brown hair and dangling earrings.
Guest Speaker

Frieda McAlear

Senior Research Associate at the Kapor Center

Frieda McAlear is the Senior Research Associate, where she brings her skills as a social science researcher and her passion for working with and for marginalized and underrepresented communities, at the Kapor Center. She has nearly a decade of experience managing projects, developing evaluation and research methodology and building nonprofit technology capacity with socially progressive organizations in the Bay Area, Europe and Southern Africa.

Learn more about the host and creator of Leading With Empathy & Allyship, Melinda Briana Epler.