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It’s OK To Make Mistakes As An Ally With Manisha Amin

In this episode, Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, and Manisha Amin, CEO of the Centre for Inclusive Design, discuss “It’s OK To Make Mistakes As An Ally.” Our work as allies and advocates continues to shape society for the better. The work can also feel heavy – especially when we stumble. Manisha explores how to get over our fears when it comes to allyship; call each other in rather than out; own our truth; apologize and repair; and forgive others, as well as ourselves.

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… Often allies, I think, have high empathy. We tend to really care about the people we work with. When we get called out – when I get called out – I feel shame, you know, that I have done the wrong thing and I am a terrible person…. And that shame can go two ways: we can learn from it, or we can stand our ground and try to deflect it and reject it. That second part does not lead to change.
Headshot of Manisha Amin, an Indian woman with dark hair and a striped jacket.
Guest Speaker

Manisha Amin

CEO at Centre for Inclusive Design

Manisha is the chief strategist and visionary at Centre for Inclusive Design. She is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge. Manisha has a unique talent for seeing beyond the horizon to emerging trends and building powerful communities to bring them in to being through inclusive design.

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