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How We Can Collectively Address Anti-Asian Hate With Tammy Cho

In this episode, Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst, speaks with Tammy Cho, Co-Founder & CEO of Hate Is A Virus and BetterBrave. Tammy and Melinda discuss the work we must do together to combat racism against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, starting with raising awareness of what community members have experienced – historically and presently – in the United States. They address what allies and members of the AAPI community can do to create change.

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It is so important for us to continue to have dialogue and learn about the historical context. Learn about these issues that keep happening, the root causes and and the solutions that are in the works by the different community organizations.
Headshot of Tammy Cho, an Asian woman with short blonde hair and a tan sweater.
Guest Speaker

Tammy Cho

Co-Founder & CEO at Hate Is A Virus & BetterBrave

Tammy Cho focuses on work that dismantles harassment, discrimination and racism.

She does this through her work as the Co-Founder and CEO of Hate Is A Virus, a nonprofit and community of mobilizers and amplifiers dedicated to dismantling hate and racism. Hate Is A Virus started as a grassroots movement last April in response to the first spike in hate crimes against Asians due to COVID-19. Over the past year, they produced national awareness campaigns, educational resources for the community, and raised over $30K+ for essential BIPOC community organizations and small businesses across the nation and are committed to continuing these efforts this year.

In addition to Hate Is A Virus, Tammy founded BetterBrave, a nonprofit that empowers thousands of employees with free knowledge and tools for navigating workplace harassment and discrimination, serves as the COO of Block Party, a tech startup focused on tackling online harassment and abuse, and co-produced Hidden Narratives with Steven Lim, a podcast that launched to highlight the impacts of COVID-19 on our community.

Previously, Tammy co-founded Encore Alert, an AI platform that helps brands like IDEO, Denver Broncos, and the University of Michigan identify and act on emerging trends, crises, and influencers in their industry. She started the company as a college freshman at Georgetown University and sold it in 2016 at age 21.

Tammy has also been recognized as NBC Asian America’s A to Z Rising Star, Georgetown Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Power Woman in DC Tech. Her work has also been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Glamour, and more.

Learn more about the host and creator of Leading With Empathy & Allyship, Melinda Briana Epler.