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Headshot of Valentina Jaramillo, a LatinX, gender non-conforming person with long dark blonde hair and a black shirt with a multi-colored collar, smiling at the camera.
Guest Speaker

Valentina Jaramillo

Coach and Co-founder at Rise In Love Coaching

Valentina was born and raised in Colombia. Curiosity has fueled their active and rich life. From graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine and a Master in Business Administration to working in clinical trials. From becoming a key opinion leader for healthcare and social media in Latin America to working with patient engagement, and social media at a pharmaceutical company in the US.

Valentina’s interest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is infused in all their work. They have served as co-chair of LGBTQIA+ ERGs, been a member of DEI councils, and led the inclusion of gender-neutral bathrooms at her past company. Their experience as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workplace champion and education in anti-racism and allyship shape Valentina’s language to be non-gendered, inclusive, and empowering.

Before moving to the US they lived in Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.