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Headshot of Katelin Holloway, a White Mom with long blonde hair and a black blouse, in front of a brick wall with some paintings.
Guest Speaker

Katelin Holloway

Founding Partner at Seven Seven Six

Katelin is a Founding Partner at Alexis Ohanian’s venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, where she invests in people-first companies and manages the firm’s programs, including the 2% Growth & Caregiving Commitment and Operator in Residence Program. Leading a career as a people & culture executive with previous roles at Pixar Animation Studios, Klout and Reddit, she’s deeply committed to helping founders and the broader venture ecosystem evolve their diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging practices, creating new opportunities and access to wealth for people and products typically underrepresented in the tech industry. As an investor, she is passionate about supporting the companies that will shape the future of work, life, sustainability, and the delicate balance that enables us to thrive.