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How to Be an Ally

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In this course, you will learn about the journey of allyship. You will be asked to recognize your own biases and will learn how to name them and self-regulate. You will learn tangible ways to be an ally and call others in to be better allies as well. You will learn about the impacts of microaggressions and ways you can intervene when you observe or experience acts of exclusion. And you will learn about the crucial role you play in creating equity and inclusion in your workplace.

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~ 90 mins

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Course Description

How to Be an Ally is a roadmap for all of us to lead with empathy and become better allies for each other. Based on Melinda Briana Epler’s popular TED talk and book, How to Be an Ally, this course provides actionable steps everyone can take to be better allies and advocates for people with underrepresented identities in the workplace.

This course utilizes a variety of learning methods and scenario-based practices to help you build empathy and develop your own actionable goals for creating change in yourself and in your workplace.

You will learn how to avoid unintentionally harming people through biases and microaggressions, develop a deeper understanding of how to show empathy, experience examples of allyship and advocacy, and come away with some tangible and actionable steps you can take to be a better ally and advocate today.

Learning Objectives

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Student Reviews

This course is for all people who have to interact with other people. Having more people take this course allows for conversation with vocabulary that is understood. It is my experience that the more conversation people can have with each other that is absent of misunderstanding, which often leads to defensiveness, the more kindness and grace is offered up.
Paula Ward
North Texas, USA
I recommend this course to anyone who is just getting started on their allyship journey, or who loved Melinda's book "How to Be an Ally" and wants to try their hand at some interactive lessons before implementing their new skills IRL.
Antonia Ford
Antonia Ford
California, USA
I really enjoyed this course for enabling folks with the language to discuss allyship. It laid out clear objectives and focused on what people could action on in their life/work.
Allison Hayhurst
Allison Hayhurst
New York, USA
I found the course extremely valuable. Not only did it point out the problem, it offered actionable solutions. I valued the mixed media that the course offered, it made the course easy to participate in.
Rohini Rebello-D'Souza

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