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Headshot of Kudakwashe Mushaike, a Black man with black hair, a black beard, and a white t-shirt, smiling at the camera
Guest Speaker

Kudakwashe Mushaike

Founder of Below The Surface

Kudakwashe Mushaike is a speaker, poet, software engineer, and the Host and Founder of Below The Surface.

Having lost his father at the age of one, Kudakwashe found himself looking to other men to set an example for him. Challenged by the fact that for most men, conversation merely touches the surface and ultimately, their pain and struggles are experienced in silence, he realized that there was work to be done to shift the culture around conversation amongst men.

Below The Surface was birthed from his mission to build stronger, more vulnerable communities of men through conversation and shared experiences.

In tune with his mission, Kudakwashe speaks to men about vulnerability, growth, and mental wellness.