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Our most requested and praised live workshops, previously reserved for our enterprise clients, are now available to everyone in the Empovia community. Whether you are on your own learning journey or have a team with allyship goals, join us in a live, virtual, small-group setting to learn together and take action today.

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Upcoming Empovia LIVE Virtual Workshops

How to Be an Ally LIVE

Thursday June 22nd
9-11am PST/12-2pm ET
(limited spots available)

A roadmap for all of us to lead with empathy and become better allies for each other. 

Based on Melinda Briana Epler’s popular TED talk and book, How to Be an Ally, this course provides actionable steps everyone can take to be better allies and advocates for people with underrepresented identities in the workplace. We discuss allyship across gender, race, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQIA+, and other underrepresented identities.

In this interactive workshop, Melinda will share research, stories, and key frameworks to help you understand specific actions you can take as an ally. There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Key Topics:

  • Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn
  • Do No Harm
  • Advocate for People
  • Stand Up for What’s Right
  • Lead the Change

$349 $249

Recognizing & Interrupting Microaggressions LIVE

Wednesday July 12th
9-11am PST/12-2pm ET
(limited spots available)

A two-hour workshop for allies to deepen their understanding of what microaggressions are, why it’s important to interrupt them, and how we can effectively call people in to reduce microaggressions. 

During this interactive session, Melinda will provide a framework for understanding when and how to intervene when you see someone experiencing a microaggression. In small group breakout sessions, participants will practice the tools and microintervention scripts they have learned. Participants will receive a handout with key methods for calling people in. There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Key Topics:

  • Verbal, Nonverbal, & Environmental Microaggressions
  • Overcoming Your Microaggressions
  • Calling Each Other In
  • Using Microintervention Scripts
  • Putting It into Practice

$369 $269

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What Do You Get with Empovia LIVE Virtual Workshops?

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Expert Instruction

Empovia LIVE Virtual workshops are:

  • Designed and instructed by experts in their field.
  • Intimate and interactive. 
  • Focused on action. 

There are limited spots in our Empovia LIVE Workshops, so don’t wait to claim your seat. Students in our first cohort will be gifted a signed copy of Melinda’s book, How to Be an Ally, as a thank you for your dedication and determination.

Actionable Learning

You’ll leave each Empovia LIVE virtual workshop with:

  • Handouts and course materials from the instructor
  • Additional resources, reflections, and practices to continue your learning
  • Access to the live recording and materials on empovia.co for 90 days.

Recognition and Reward

Share your new skills with your community!

  • Learners who attend and complete an Empovia LIVE Workshop will be recognized with a certificate of completion and a digital badge for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Empovia LIVE attendees will receive a personalized 20% discount code to use to continue their learning journey at empovia.co

Meet Your Instructor

Professional photo of Melinda, a White woman with red hair, glasses, and black long-sleeve shirt looking at the camera, smiling

Melinda is a TED speaker who speaks, mentors, and writes about diversity and inclusion, inclusive innovation, empathy, and entrepreneurship. She is the author of How to Be an Ally (McGraw-Hill) and the host of the popular “Leading With Empathy & Allyship” podcast. She has spoken on hundreds of stages worldwide, including SXSW, Grace Hopper, Wisdom 2.0, the World Bank, White House, Clinton Foundation, Black Enterprise, Google, Indeed, Capital One, UC Berkeley, and McKinsey.

More Courses by Melinda

Hear from Our Clients

Headshot of Lionel Lee, a Black and Korean man with a shaved head and glasses, wearing blue coat and white shirt, speaking on a stage

“There are few in the DEI space that are as knowledgeable, authentic, and passionate as Melinda Briana Epler. I first learned of Melinda while researching Empovia (formerly Change Catalyst) as a possible partner for Zillow Group. I am proud to call her a friend today. From the very first meeting, I knew she was for real. She attacks the pressing issues of our space; gender equity, racial equity, wage equality, accessibility, and others from an experiential perspective…. One of our sessions was around Allyship, Melinda… was able to illuminate the experience of the marginalized in a way that was digestible, and relatable. It had a profound effect on our C-suite and is still a topic of discussion for us. I am so proud to know her and have high expectations for where she will lead us in this work; expectations I am sure she will meet.” – Lionel Lee

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Frequently Asked Questions

After your payment is processed, you will receive a link to RSVP to the event. This RSVP will add the event to your calendar which will include the link to join.

We are planning to host many more live workshops in the future. If you are interested in a live learning session but are unavailable at the scheduled time, please fill out this form to let us know about your interest. We would love to open up additional cohorts for our live sessions if there is interest.

If you are interested in a live learning session, but the session is already sold out, please fill out this form with your information. We would love to open up additional cohorts for our live sessions if there is interest.

If you have paid to attend an Empovia LIVE session, but you are unable to attend, you will have access to the recording of the workshop as well as all course materials. We are unable to provide a refund to those unable to attend. If you’d like to transfer your seat to someone else, please reach out to our Director of Learning. More about our refund policy.

Our goal is to make our allyship learning solutions as inclusive and accessible as possible. Check out our recommendations for seeking employer reimbursement for professional development or reach out to our Director of Learning if you’d like to make an inquiry about scholarship opportunities.

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