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Inclusive Leadership

Coaching & training to support your growth as a leader

Individual Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Our coaching clients are leaders who want to move through their fears of saying the wrong thing, build understanding and empathy, and know how to better lead diverse and inclusive teams and organizations. We also work with leaders who may have made a misstep and want to ensure they don’t make another. Everyone is on a unique learning path. We meet each person where they are at and provide guidance and actionable steps to immediately put into practice that are uniquely catered to their leadership journey.

Interested in group coaching? Group inclusive leadership coaching is available as a standalone option or as part of our training packages.

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Virtual & In-Person Training

Our live interactive learning solutions are designed to move your team from awareness to action, creating individual and organizational change. We have an extensive range of in-person and virtual workshops developed for executives & senior leaders, managers & people leaders, and DEI professionals designed to help attendees lead the change and create inclusive and supportive cultures.  

Inclusive Leadership Topics

  • Inclusive Leadership Series (our popular series of 3 or 6 workshops)
  • Leading With Empathy & Allyship For Executives (top request)
  • Understanding & Correcting Biases For Leaders
  • Recognizing & Overcoming Microaggressions For Leaders
  • Interrupting Microaggressions For Leaders
  • Building Trust & Psychological Safety
  • Strengthening Engagement & Belonging

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We are leaders in driving diversity and inclusion solutions globally and are trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, startups, and venture capital firms.

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