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Headshot of Sunday Parker, a White female with medium-length blonde hair and a cream sleeveless blouse in a wheelchair, smiling at the camera with a building behind
Guest Speaker

Sunday Parker

Access Technology Program Manager at Microsoft

Sunday leads the Access Technology Program as part of Microsoft’s commitment to bridge the disability divide through access to technology and connectivity that is accessible to people with disabilities. As part of the Strategic Partnership and Policy team, she aims to create connections between the disability community and accessible technology through collaboration with organizations and the Microsoft ecosystem. Recently, she launched the Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator, aimed to support disability nonprofits with access to resources, grants, and software to accelerate their mission.

Diagnosed with a rare neurological disease at the age of 2, she has had a lifelong journey of advocacy and applies her lived experience navigating the world as a wheelchair user to better support the disability community as a whole and the organizations that serve them. With access to technology, she excelled in her career in tech over the last 9 years as she found that the advancement opportunities at work didn’t carry the same complex barriers that she experienced in the day-to-day physical environment. This realization led to a passion for digital accessibility and enabling more people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technology, access to hardware and software along with the workplace and social advancement opportunities that technology creates.

She is a new resident living in downtown Austin, Texas with her dog Charlie and many plants where she hopes to continue to advocate locally in her community on accessibility.