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Black and white photo of Sam Sepah, a Persian man with black hair, white shirt, and blazer.
Guest Speaker

Sam Sepah

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Research Product Manager at Google

Sam Sepah has worked for well-known organizations for more than 15 years: Google, National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), GE-NBC Universal, Siemens, Sprint, MCI, and Apple. Sam was the youngest person appointed by the Governor of Vermont to serve on the Commission on Employment for People with Disabilities. Throughout his career, he has provided counsel to over 300+ managers and executives. To this day, Sam still is the only Deaf HR professional working in Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Sepah is known as an expert on advocating employment rights for the underrepresented workers, especially for the deaf and hard of hearing population. Because of his expertise in workforce diversity management, he is often invited to provide speeches at a variety of business conferences regarding leadership and diversity best practices.