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Headshot of Lionel Lee, a Black and Korean man with a shaved head and glasses.
Guest Speaker

Lionel Lee is the Head of Diversity Engagement at Zillow. He provides leadership, coaching and strategic direction to Zillow’s executive leadership team to implement strategies to attract, retain, and develop talent. As a part of his role, he provides career development support to underrepresented employees and develops and maintains relationships with local and national organizations that support underrepresented populations. He is a regular panelist, moderator, and keynote speaker at diversity events, podcasts, and conferences.

Prior to joining Zillow, he ran a talent acquisition company, sourcing candidates across the technology industry.

Helping communities has been constant throughout Lionel’s life. He created and developed community groups that promote health and wellness. He has worked with HIV/AIDS education groups, substance abuse addiction organizations as well as health groups supporting youth. Lionel also founded Yi Sport Tae Kwon Do, a school in Seattle that produced 54 U.S. Junior Olympic gold medals.

Lionel immigrated to the United States from Korea at age 5. His experiences growing up in South-Central Los Angeles and later in the projects of Honolulu, Hawaii, helped nurture his passion for community building.