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Headshot of Rahimeh Ramezany, a pale-skinned Muslim woman wearing a multi-colored religious headscarf with pinks, blues, and purples and a fuchsia blouse, smiling at the camera with green bushes at the back.
Guest Speaker

Rahimeh Ramezany

DEI Practitioner & Founder of Rahimeh Ramezany Consulting

Rahimeh Ramezany is a multiethnic, neurodiverse, visibly identifiable Muslim American woman, and a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Practitioner. She founded her DEI business in order to help organizations incorporate Muslims and considerations of marginalized religious identity into their existing DEI programs, comprehensively spanning the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic implications of the work. Rahimeh leverages her lived experiences at the intersection of multiple marginalized and privileged identities, a master’s degree in intercultural communication, and years of professional DEI experience to address the often deeply uncomfortable but nonetheless essential work of making our spaces inclusive and equitable for all.