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Headshot of Daisy Ozim, an African American woman with long black hair in twists and a yellow shirt, smiling at the camera.
Guest Speaker

Daisy Ozim

Founder of DaisyOzim.co

Daisy Ozim is the Founder of DaisyOzim.co. She works at the epicenter of multidimensional education and awareness, technology, social justice and public health. Her goal is to help the public understand the ways in which these varying sectors all coalesce with one another in order to promote an improvement in public, interpersonal and individual health. As a public health practitioner, She has spent the past 10 years involved in community organizing, youth development as a former high school teacher and systems innovator working on various public health projects. She supports the funding and development of several technology projects, non-profit organizations and political campaigns as I’ve had the opportunity to hold multiple local and state appointed seats on county boards and commissions.