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Headshot of Ashantè Fray, a Black bisexual woman with short pink hair, a ribbon head scarf, glasses, and a black shirt with the inscription "All together" in colors, smiling at the camera.
Guest Speaker

Ashantè Fray

Founder and CEO at Synchronized Souls Inc

Ashantè Fray (she/they) is a Black bisexual woman who is the owner and founder of Synchronized Souls Inc. After two years of unexpected growth in her business, she left her DEI career at Indeed to expand Synchronized Souls Inc. into Corporate Wellness to aid organizations with their wellness programs and wellbeing of their employees by leveraging her Indeed knowledge. She helps companies to reduce their employee healthcare costs and absenteeism, boost employee morale to reduce turnover and improve workplace productivity through wellness webinars and speaking events, lunch and learns, and tarot readings as team activities.